Explore the past, imagine the future

Investor Clubs impact all programs of Cincinnati Museum Center, inspiring people of all ages to learn more about the world through science; regional history; and educational, engaging and meaningful experiences. Enjoy preferred status with exclusive access to events, tours and updates. Thank you for supporting the institution committed to what you value most!

Experience Cincinnati Through Time

Be a time traveler with us as we bring local history to life. Established in 1788, Cincinnati has been the home of many brave and interesting people through the decades. Share your stories as an investor committed to sparking a love of history in your community. Whether you want to discover the Queen City with your family or help preserve our past, the 1788俱乐部 will provide exceptional behind-the-scenes experiences that will make history come alive.


Hopewell Council
Explore Natural History & 下载贝博网址

Our natural world is brimming with questions. At Cincinnati Museum Center, science and wonder can open up a world of discovery. As part of the Hopewell Council, named after the 2,000 year-old Hopewell culture, members have the unique opportunity to get hands-on with science and natural history and help plant the seed of curiosity but budding scientists by celebrating programs that educate guests about our natural world and help prepare future workers in STEM-related careers.


Tree House Club
Ladder Up for Learning

Learning is a lifelong journey. At Cincinnati Museum Center, we are privileged to work with some of our region’s tiniest scholars. From junior meteorologists to amateur explorers, the Tree House Club provides the tools to foster families of future-ready learners both on the museum floor and through specialty club experiences. Encourage your curious learner through exclusive family friendly experiences and invitations.


Grandparents Club
Share the World with the Next Generation

Fun knows no age. The Grandparents Club provides endless ways to turn your grandchildren’s interests into passions. Share special activities and exclusive access to ignite a curiosity in the world that will last a lifetime. Bring learning to life through behind-the-scenes adventures all year round. Be the fun grandparent. Be the spark that lights their future!