Celebrate 75 years of winterland whimsy

From the child with their eyes peeled for visitors from the North Pole to the teen counting every LEGO brick to the grandparent watching model trains zip through a mini metropolis, our signature holiday experience brings families together in ageless joy. And this year our beloved Duke Energy Holiday Trains are celebrating their 75th season.

The Duke Energy Holiday Trains have been a Cincinnati holiday staple since 1946, delighting generations since they first debuted downtown in 1946. Track-level views reveal intricate details of the display, where over 300 rail cars and 60 locomotives steam past anxious passengers waiting to board while cars sit with snow to their hubcaps and the perfect trees strapped to their roofs.

假日结 features bursts of winter whimsy that greet you as soon as you enter the door. The Northern Lights display serves as the perfect backdrop for family photos as wispy green lights dance behind you and snow-rimmed trees surround you. The history of the Duke Energy Holiday Trains is also told through an interactive storybook filled with photos of the iconic trains over the decades.

为确保客人安全, 假日结’s riding train will not be pulling into station this season, but we've given you even more to discover in its place. The Holiday Scavenger Hunt features hidden objects in the garden railway layout begging you to walk around, peel your eyes and scour every detail for pigs, 北极熊, 恐龙, steamboats and astronauts tucked away in the snowy hills.

Returning once again is Brickopolis, a blizzard of LEGO bricks crafted into fantastical scenes from the magical worlds of Disney, 奇迹, DC漫画和哈利波特. The whimsical display is another seek and find treat surrounding a stunning LEGO metropolis complete with running trains, active seashores and hijinks by the local residents.

Of course, no holiday is complete without a visit to Santa. Santa makes his grand arrival on Friday, November 26. Although you won't be able to sit with Santa, you can visit the jolly elf by his fireplace in the 公共着陆 毗邻 假日结. Santa will be busy preparing for the big day but will happily pause to speak with you from a safe distance.

Also returning this year is the 下载贝博 film 落基山表达, where you can immerse yourself in the rugged beauty of the Canadian Rockies aboard a historic steam locomotive.

票 are limited and timed entry is required so purchase yours in advance. 假日结 is free for 成员 but timed entry is required. Guests of 成员 will also require a paid, timed ticket.

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